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American Energy Brokers is a network of Independent Representatives that share the passion and
desire to be successful. Our Independent Representative’s work as brokers in the energy sector
contracting residential and commercial business accounts.

In 2002, Texas deregulated many areas throughout the state. Since that time Texas has been the
leader of how the deregulated energy market can work and be successful for consumers, as well as
suppliers. Many states across the nation have seen the success Texas has demonstrated and are
now applying for deregulation.

With the change in the Texas energy market many companies were formed that sells electricity to
consumers. These companies are referred to as Retail Electric Providers, or (REP’S). REP’S work
directly with consumers and also brokers in contracting customers to residential and commercial
business contracts. American Energy Brokers along with the network of Independent Representatives
consult daily with many REP’S throughout the state. Competitive pricing and contract terms that fit
our customers needs are our main objective.

By using American Energy Brokers as a customer you have many years of knowledge in helping you
get the best price with the best term. Many companies “lock” you into a long term commitment
without giving you all the options available. American Energy Brokers will give you options with pricing
and terms so you can always make the smart decision for all your energy needs.

Bottom Line is you NOW HAVE CHOICES. Choices on which REP to buy through can be difficult and
time consuming. So let the experts at American Energy Brokers help you with either your residential
or commercial business.

American Energy Brokers
We have a plan for YOU!!
News and Events
Matthew O'Connor joins the broker team. Matthew is off to a fast start working commercial accounts in the Tyler,Tx. area.
Matthew signs up fitness gyms and hotels in the local Tyler area to continue growing his commercial account base.
American Energy Brokers expanding broker base to Illinois, Georgia, and Massachusetts.
Roy Mukesh joins American Energy Broker team.
Roy lives in the Plano, Tx. area and continues to work on commercial accounts in the DFW metroplex.
Carol Pierson joins the American Energy Broker team.

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